Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Me Duet With Celine Dion????

Duet with Celine Dion....????dream on!!!It's just part of my dream or i would say it's just a fantasy....
I wish i can be like Charice, cute Philippians little girl who has a incredible powerful voice could made her dream come true by duet with one of the best singer in the world also my favorite singer Celine Dion. Impressive, singing one of my favorite song some more...because you love me...love your voice Charice!!!!! I'm jealous, especially when watching you singing my love song....to love you more....hehehe....joking.
I wish i have a powerful voice like you and share the memory duet with Celine Dion...hahaha..funnny!!!
But i'm just me...all by myself..... 
Stop dreaming Ainaaa!!!!
!It's just a fantasy, not a big deal...right guys???

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