Wednesday, November 14, 2012

James Bond never die....

13/11/2012 (Tuesday) Happy Deepavali,its public holiday...yeahh!!! No plan for today just resting and wasting time with my lappy... face booking,twitting, and of course blogging...hehehe. Fetched my bro at Pudu Sentral today,and guess what? I saw a nice car(please refer below picture...hehehe) drove by an old chinese aunt(no wonder she didn't speed) .May be her son's Wish I'm the one who driving that car...(dreaming)speeding like Micheal Schumacer.

Ok, forget about the aunt, none of my business, she's not the main topic here. Went for movie with my bro today at Jusco Cheras Selatan, 5 minutes drive from my house, 1st time been there, not bad, happening, many restaurants. I haven't explore the whole building,will do it some other times cause tonight i have an appointment with James Bond (agent 007).

I'm ready for movie

Tonight was the 1st time in my life watching cinema without switch off the light, its kind of weird and everybody was looking around and do some funny face wondering why the light is still on,"Hello,some one please switch off the lights" I'm watching movie in cinema not "wayang kulit"
Luckily there was one gentleman stand up and did a complain.For some one who loves actions movie like me, I was expecting more actions from James Bond but he disappointed me,  not much action but its still a nice movie .3 stars for this movie...hehehe

 Agent 007 

Oh Mr. Bond, please don't shoot me!!



  1. i really like this beautiful blog of your but your need to do more

  2. thank you...i'm blogging depends on my mood