Saturday, November 10, 2012

I'm back..

Hello..I'm back with new look..10/11/2012,what a nice date :) banyak citer nk story-mory but for now jst want to say hi and have a nice blog will be one of the place for me to share about my life...I love writing,ada niat nak jadi novelist but not confident enough...ada ka orang nk bca buku aku?nobody's been a year xupdate blog,br hari ni dapat mood nak update blog.Nothing much to say for now,belum dapat idea...will share some stories with u guys later...
Have a nice day!!!
I'm listening to my fav radio station (saja nak bg tau..hehehe)
catch you guys later...bye!!

Welcome to my world of Reality & Fantasy
Umi Aieyna

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